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Public Laboratory and Facilities
VLSA Lab. Tze-Chiang Foundation of Science & Technology
Semiconductor process Lab.
  1. Furnace 
  2. Evaporator 
  3. Aligner 
  4. Microscope 
  5. Monitor 
  6. Video graphic printer 
  7. Probe Station
  8. Four-point Probe 
  9. Digital multimeter 
  10. Oven 
  11. Spinner 
  12. Heat Plate 
  13. Clean Bench 
  14. Microwave oscillator 
  15. DI water System
Microelectronic Lab.
    PART I: 
  1. E-gun 
  2. PECVD 
  3. Plasma etching 
  4. Sputter 
  5. Evaporator
    PART II: 
  1. RTA 
  2. Electric scale 
  3. Clean Bench 
  4. Furnace 
  5. Evaporator
    PART III: 
  1. Aligner 
  2. Microscope 
  3. Clean Bench 
  4. Spinner 
  5. Optical table 
  6. Oven 
  7. DI water System
Individual Laboratory and Facilities
Lab. Location:Engineering Building III 111B
Lab. Ext:
Lab. Website :
Administrator : Prof. Chih-Fang Huang
Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Research Facilities
Hot chuck (Instec HCC601-STC20A)
Multimeter (Keithley Model 2000)
1700C Tube furnace
RTA (ULVAC MILA-3000) (Lindberg/Blue)
Semiconductor parameter analyzer (HP 4145B)
Dual-channel system source meter instru. (Keithley 2602 SMU)
High0voltage supply (Keithley Model 248)
Lab. Location:Education Building R111
Lab. Ext:34034
Lab. Website : Microelectronics Lab.
Administrator : Prof. Ya-Chin King
system and Probe station
A‧Universal device transfer function system and Probe station
Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer HP4145B
Precision Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer HP4142A
Module DC Source/Monitor HP4156A
Source/Monitor Unit HP41421B
50MHz Dual Channel Pulse Generator HP8115A
150MHz Dual Channel Pulse Generator HP8110A
100V/2A Pulse Generator HP8114A
Digitizing Oscilloscope HP54504A
20Hz~1MHz Precision LCR Meter HP4284A
PA Meter/DC Source HP4140B
SMU and Pulse Generator Expander HP41501A
B‧High-power device analyzing system and Probe station
High Current Source/Monitor Unit HP41422A
High Voltage Source/Monitor Unit HP41423A
Power Generator GPR-3010HD
100V/2A Pulse Generator HP8114A
150MHz Dual Channel Pulse Generator HP8110A
Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer HP4145B
Digitizing Oscilloscope HP54504A
C‧Flash memory device analyzing system and Probe station
50MHz Dual Channel Pulse Generator HP8115A
150MHz Dual Channel Pulse Generator HP8110A
Digitizing Oscilloscope HP54504A
Module DC Source/Monitor HP4142A
Source/Monitor Unit HP41421B
Switch/Control Unit HP3488A
Switch Matrix HP44473A
D‧Photo sensing device analyzing system and Probe station
50MHz Dual Channel Pulse Generator HP8115A
Digitizing Oscilloscope HP54504A
Switch/Control Unit HP3488A
Precision Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer HP4156A
100V/2A Pulse Generator HP8114A
Autoranging Picoammeter KIETHLEY 485
SMU and Pulse Generator Expander HP41501A
Power Generator GPR-3010HD
 Lab. Location:Engineering Building III 301
Lab. Ext:34050
Lab. Website : Nanoelectronics Lab.
Administrator : Prof. Po-Wen Chiu
Nanoelectronics Research Facilities
Scanning electron microscope JOEL 840A
Raith proxy writer
Probe station
Liquid-nitrogen cryogenic transport system
Cryogen-free He4 transport system
Cryogen-free He3/He4 transport system
Electrical measurement system
Mini pumping station
Scanning probe microscope
Optical microscope
Critical point dryer
Plasma cleaner
Wire bonder
Ultrasonic liquid processor

Lab. Location:Education Building 111
Lab. Ext:34107
Lab. Website : NeuroEngineering Lab.
Administrator : Prof. Hsin Chen
NeuroEngineering Research Facilities
Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope
Analog Oscilloscope
Arbitrary Waveform Generators
Power Supply
DELL Instrument Control Workstation
Multi-Function DAQ Card
Analog Probe
Digital Probe
Lab. Location:Education Building 111

Lab. Ext:
Lab. Website :
Administrator : Prof. Shiang-Cheng Lu
CMOS-MEMS Research Facilities
Probe station
HP 4395A Spectrum/Network Analyzer
Lock-in Amplifier (Stanford Research SR844)
Nanovoltmeter (Keithley 2182A)
pA current meter (Keithley 6514)
Digial oscilloscope (Agilent DSO 5014A)
Digital Multimeter (Agilent 33401A)
Amorphous Semicouductors Lab.
  1. PC-486 
  2. PC-586 
  3. HP laser printer 
  4. HP deskjet
Low-Dimensional Device Physics and Ultrafast Lab.
  1. Spectral Physics Tsunami pulsed Ti:sapphire 
  2. Coherent Innova 400
  3. Coherent 890,Ti:sapphire,WaveScan 
  4. JEOL 840A 
  5. Raith Proxy Writer
High Frequency Measurement
  1. HP8510C 
  2. HP8517B Frequency Syntheizer 
  3. HP4142 Power Supply
  4. HP Test Set 
  5. HP Workstation 
  6. High-f IC-CAP Software 
  7. Summit 9000 Probe Station 
  8. HP 84124A Oscilloscope 
  9. PSPL 4015C Pulse Generato
Game Lab.
  1. PECVD 
  2. ECR-CVD, and thin film fabrication facilities 
  3. E-beam lithography and complete facilities for submicron device fabrication
  4. HREEL and bulk and surface analyzing facilities
Micro-Electro-Mecha-Optical System (MEMOS) Lab.
  1. Standard Microelectronics Processing Equipment 
  2. MEMS Special Processing Equipment
Semiconductor Device & Processes Lab.
  1. Vacuum furnace 
  2. HP 4140B
  3. Infarad gold image furnace
  4. LPCVD(Low pressure chemical vapor deposition)--Deposition of AL & TiN 
  5. LPCVD(Low pressure chemical vapor deposition)--Deposition of TaN 
  6. Vacuum sputter system 
  7. Personal Computers
Noisy Measurement Lab.
  1. I-V measurement systems 
  2. Shielded Rood 
  3. PC586, PC686 
  4. Sun Spark5 
Microelectronic Devices and Matrials Lab.
  1. RF magnetron sputtering system 
  2. Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition(PECVD) system 
  3. I-V test system 
  4. C-V test system 
  5. Low temperature measurement system 
  6. Anneling furnace 
  7. Personal computer
Epitaxy and Optoelectronic Devices Lab.
  1. Liquid-phase epitaxy 
  2. Rapid thermal annealing 
  3. Optical microscope
  4. HP4156 parameter analysis 
  5. HP4280 capacitance-voltage meter
  6. Photoluminescence (in Room:117 Engineering III Building)
Semiconductor Physics and Devices Simulation Lab.
  1. HP 9000/720 Workstation 
  2. IBM 6000/320 
  3. SUN 4/60 
  4. HP laser printers X 2 
  5. MP plotter 
  6. Personal Computers 
  7. SUN ELC 
  8. DEC 3000
Laser Characteristice and Applications Lab.
  1. RF Power generators 
  2. RF Spectrum analyzer 
  3. Digitizing oscilloscope
  4. RF-excited CO2 laser 
  5. Laser cooling circulator 
  6. 2.0um DFB laser diode
  7. Laser diode driver and temperature controller 
  8. Grating spectrumeter
  9. Laser spectrum analyzer 
  10. High Voltage power supply 
  11. Lock-in amplifier 
  12. Boxcer integrator 
  13. Optical chopper 
  14. PC-486 
  15. PC-586 
  16. Vacuum system and gauge